Pump Of Concrete Batch Plant

A concrete pump is a device used to convey concrete in liquid form using a pump to the construction site. A well-fabricated horse pipe or a conveyor belt is used to transport the concrete.

There are two types of concrete pumps.

  1. Boom truck
  2. Line pumps.

Boom truck.

A boom truck is a self-contained unit consisting of the truck frame, and the pump itself. These type of concrete pumps are commonly used for concrete landfilling in most of the construction sites ranging from medium-sized slabs and buildings to large investment projects. Their sizes vary depending on the concrete requirements on the site. Some can have a single axle while other big models can have more than eight axles( ocho ejes de bomba). Note the space of the construction site also determines the size of the Concrete Pumps you will need.

Most of the boom trucks have large in extensions thus making them stationary on the construction site. This makes it easy for the ready transport trucks to unload the concrete ingredients directly into the pump tank at a central location. This and enables a more efficient flow of concrete at the workplace thus saving time and cost.

Line pumps.

Line pumps are concrete pumps which are usually mounted on a truck or a trailer hence delivering their name truck-mounted pump and trailer-mounted pump respectively. They are very adaptable portable devices that are commonly used for pumping construction concrete. With the modern advancement of technology in the construction industry, Concrete Pumps can be customized to suit your specific needs.

The ball-valve-technology is widely used in the line pumps but other small types of valves can be used for structural concrete and spraying where small volumes are needed. These type of Concrete Pumps are also suitable when repairing submerged concrete, the filling of textile molds, the placement of concrete in highly reinforced profiles, and the mounting of fixing beams for wall placement. The cost of pumps with a ball valve is relatively low and their parts are subject to wear. Thanks to its simple design, the pump is easy to clean and maintain. The units are usually small and easy to use and the hoses are comfortable to use.

The Line pumps require the use of steel or concrete rubber, which must be manually connected to the machine outlet. These hoses are connected and carry the concrete required to the location where the filling is needed. They usually pump concrete in smaller quantities than boom pumps. They are more useful in a construction site that requires small amounts of concrete, such as diving pools.

The above two types of concrete pumps are the main types tough there are other uncommon types such as the rail mounted pumps. They are suitable for specific tasks such as amines and tunnels digging. They are customized to suit the particular work requirements unlike the multi-purpose concrete pumps mentioned above.

Benefits of Concrete Pumps

Simpler and faster concrete delivery to the construction site

Construction companies( Empresas constructoras ) can transfer the concrete to many locations simultaneously using multi-purpose concrete pumps. Concrete can be supplied in construction sites away from the concrete mixer such as across roads, indeed seawater or underground and this is due to the extended horse pipes installed in these machines. These pumps also enable the builders also to pump the concrete some meters away from the mixing truck thus saving their time and construction cost.

Reduction of heavyweight trucks.

Remember the continuous movements of heavy concrete trucks may weaken the walls and the floors due to the severe vibrations caused by such heavyweights. Using a concrete pump ensure site locations is free from these trucks which in turn interfere with the quality of the work done. Concrete can be transferred more efficiently and without any damage to any part of the construction site.

Continuous Supply Of Concrete.

The pump provides a continuous supply of concrete even to areas that are not very accessible like in underground thus ensuring that the work os not being terminated.T his, in turn, ensures faster work performance thus saving cost and time of completing the project.

Various sizes.

Various sizes of the truck-mounted pump are available and can be customized to perform your work specifications effectively such as having several boom options. When choosing Concrete Pumps always choose the from manufacturing companies which built the concrete pumps with the specifications ordered and using durable materials that provide long term and reliable use. This reduces construction costs.

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