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There are so many options for you to buy asphalt mixers. Which one will be right for the work your company does? That question is not that difficult to answer. Here are a few tips for choosing an asphalt batch plant.

One way to start the search for the right asphalt batching plant is to decide what you will use your mixes for. Will you be mixing for a construction or road project? Will your company be mixing asphalt mixtures for sale to other businesses? Your answers will point you to the type of asphalt batch plant to buy.

For example, if you are selling mixtures to other companies, choose a continuous mix machine. These are stationary machines that get installed permanently at a job site or factory If you are going to mix asphalt for construction work choose a portable asphalt plant for sale. This can be installed on any job site and then moved when the work is complete. It can be transported by trailer to another job site.

Portable Aspalt Plant

Portable or small asphalt batch plants are an economic choice. They cost less than the stationary models, but they put out the same quality of mix. Drum plants are good for mixing hot asphalt into dry mixes as they dry the asphalt in the machine. Small or portable machines can mix a host of different mixtures which makes them not only affordable but versatile. Check more details here:

Use them anywhere you need to mix asphalt. They do not take a good deal of effort to start operating and do not require a foundation. The only main cost with operating them is filling the trailers that transport them with fuel.

For those who need mixtures to be made constantly in one location, the stationary mixers are best. These are durable machines that require a foundation to be installed before they can be operated. They often come with a great service plan whether they are new or used.

Small or portable mesin pembuat aspal also come with service plans. Both types of machines for sale are built to last and will provide your company with years of productivity. Shop online for the best machines. Whether you need portable or stationary models, there are many products listed online from the manufacturers that make and sell them directly.

asphalt mixing plant sale

Most manufacturers will ship these products anywhere in the world. So, if you see a mobile asphalt batching plant in the Philippines and you live in the USA, it can be yours. Shipping is possible worldwide. Good manufacturers will also offer warranties and service plans for any type of machine and for any type whether it is new or used.

If you have trouble finding a machine that looks like it has all the right features, don’t worry. Ask a manufacturer directly if you can get a custom model made for you. It may cost more, but if it is built to the exact specifications you need, you will be able to mix asphalt just the way your company needs to.

Why Buying China Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Is A Good Idea

A mobile asphalt mixing plant (мобильные асфальтные заводы) is a versatile piece of equipment that can help you take your business to the next level. However, the initial cost of this investment may be too high for you, hence the impossibility to go for it. Under these circumstances, you should either seek for financing opportunities or for foreign suppliers. Let’s see why buying a China mobile asphalt mixing plant is actually a good idea.

Mobile asphalt mixing plant
Mobile asphalt mixing plant from China

First of all, you can find all China suppliers in one single place, which is AliBaba, the global trading directory that helps China businesses (поставщик в китае) connect with potential clients from all over the world. Each equipment manufacturer has a dedicate business page where you’ll find all details required to make an informed purchase. you’ll see what quality control standards they use, how their factory looks like, what kind of equipment they are able to manufacture and what are their shipping and delivery terms. You’ll also find client ratings and reviews. Like this, you’ll know right off the bat which are the businesses with the highest ratings and with the largest number of clients. You’ll be able to read reviews in order to gain a better understanding of the customer service procedures and day to day operations.

When you buy mobile asphalt mixing equipment from China, you have the advantage of keeping your initial investment as low as possible. Your local manufacturers of such equipment can’t keep up with the prices of China manufacturers, as their overhead expenses are way higher. They need to pay their workers at the local level, which isn’t the same as the salary level in China. The rent is more expensive, the utilities are also more expensive, and the cost of life is higher in general. Under these circumstances, it is impossible for local contractors to offer you the same price without actually losing money.

Mobile asphalt plant china
Mobile asphalt plant from China for sale

Another advantage of purchasing China equipment (Китайское оборудование) is that you can use the escrow service of Alibaba to handle the payments. Like this, you are always on the safe side in regard to internet fraud. When using escrow systems, you make the payment, but the seller doesn’t receive the money unless you unlock it. Once you receive your machines and you are happy with everything, you send your payment releasing instructions and the seller gets the money in their bank account. This is also good for the protection of the seller, as you’d need to make the payment before the shipping takes place.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider buying China mobile asphalt mixing plant instead of seeking for local providers. You’ll be able to do your research work much faster, as all these manufacturers are usually listed in the major marketplaces and global trading directories. You’ll have the opportunity to save some money without any compromise on the quality of your equipment. You’ll also benefit of secure payments that eliminate the possibility of becoming the victim of a fraud. Your transaction should be smooth and secure, and your purchase in line with your specific requirements.

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A Basic Introduction To Asphalt Batching Plants

Every day, you probably interact with asphalt on a regular basis. From the roads that you drive on to get to and from work to the parking lot where you leave your car during the day, the surfaces are most likely covered with this versatile paving material.

Asphalt is prepared by mixing together a variety of different ingredients in a specific combination. This usually includes aggregates like sand and gravel as well as liquid bitumen, a viscous form of petroleum that is not only black in color but also extremely sticky.

These ingredients are mixed together in one of two different types of plants: drum plants and batch plants. Drum plants make large quantities of asphalt that can be stored for several days. This asphalt is usually loaded onto trucks and hauled to the job site. To ensure that the asphalt maintains its viscous state, it is kept in special heated silos.

Asphalt Batching Plants in China
Asphalt Batching Plants

Asphalt batching plants, on the other hand, are designed to mix small quantities of asphalt as they are needed. Instead of being stored for future use, each batch of asphalt created by these plants is used right away on a project. This is in contrast to drum plants where the asphalt is stored and used over a longer period of time.

These plants contain a few key components. Aggregates are loaded into cold feed bins at one end of the batching plants. These bins measure the amount of aggregate that is added to ensure that the finished mix has the correct ratio of the various aggregates.

Each cold feed bin is used for a different size or type of aggregate. There is also a conveyor belt attached to each bin that is used to move the aggregate from the bin to the drying drum.

The drying drum is a special rotating cylinder that is used to heat up the aggregate. This helps remove all traces of moisture, thoroughly drying it out. As the aggregate is dried, a variety of gases are given off. These gases are released through a special bag filter, helping to limit the emissions given off by the batching plant. If you need to buy asphalt mixing plant equipment (ОБОРУДОВАНИЯ строительства), you must buy it in a formal factory in China or India, because not only the price is cheap, but the quality is guaranteed.

Mobile asphalt mixing plant
Asphalt plant operation

Once the aggregates have been thoroughly heated, they are then coated with liquid bitumen. This creates the final asphalt mixture that can then be used for a variety of different paving applications.

Asphalt batching plants are often portable, meaning that they can be used right at the job site. This eliminates the need to haul asphalt from far away, helping to minimize transportation costs for the project. It also helps avoid wasted time since there is no need to worry about having to drive the asphalt through traffic to get it to the job site.

This basic introduction to asphalt batching plants should give you a better idea of how they work. You can also find videos of the entire process online. Sometimes, watching a video is a great way to get a better sense of exactly how a piece of highly specialized equipment like an asphalt plant works. In addition, you can also learn more about this link below:

Advantages Of Asphalt Plants

The most widely recognized material utilized as a part of the development of streets around the globe is Asphalt batching plant manufacturers. It is likewise known by the name of bitumen in nations other than the USA. Tar is another generally utilized term for it. It is a type of petroleum which is exceedingly thick fluid or semisolid. It is dark and truly sticky in nature. Asphalt also is known as Black-top is utilized as a part of the street development and fixing. Fixing is essentially black-top repair on harmed or zones with potholes on asphalt.

asphalt drum plant
asphalt drum plant

Diverse sorts of formulations are utilized to get ready black-top cement. Hot Mix, warm mix, cold mix, cut-back and mastic are a portion of the methods for getting ready cement. All the plans have diverse utilization. Hot blend concrete, for instance, is utilized for the development of streets with substantial activity, for example, interstates, courses and landing strips. Cold Mix, then again, is utilized for repair of streets with lesser movement. This sort of mix is chiefly utilized as a fixing material for pothole and garage repair. Learn more details:

There are a few preferences of Cold mix or cool black-top. It is an all-climate material, as it can endure the most extreme climate conditions (even in water). Furthermore, it is seen as a perpetual answer for a wide range of street repair lives up to expectations. It doesn’t expend time to dry out and, hence, can be utilized at spots which oblige quick repair work. The activity can be continued when the repair work is finished. This is, truth be told, one of the main motivations why Cold mix Asphalt Plant is utilized for repair work. Other than the repair work of asphalt, it is perfect for extensions, cutter work, and so forth. One of the other essential focal points of this material is that it is 100% environment amicable. It is likewise an exceptionally sturdy material.

asphalt plant sale
asphalt plant sale

Advantages of our asphalt drum mix plants:
When we talk about advantages, we primarily focus on a few aspects of equipment which are as below.
Initial cost: Our plant is surprisingly low on initial cost and that too without being compromised for quality in any part of the plant.

Maintenance: All the parts used have been sourced from reputed companies and care is taken that most of the things are available locally in the importing country. The cost of the spare parts is also low for our mini asphalt mixing plant for sale compared to others.
Easy operation: The control panel software is in-house meaning that we have taken care to make it user-friendly instead of directly buying it from a vendor.

mobile asphalt mixing plant
mobile asphalt mixing plant

Easy installation: With little experience and foundation drawings, you can do civil work at your end and set and start using your plant. The main thing is that you should have a smart and willing operator. If you are uncomfortable, our engineers are ready to visit you.

Experience: With more than 35 years in the business, we are aware of the expectations of the customer.
Design: Our asphalt plants for sale offered are with a proven design, so there is no risk on the part of the customer.

Various alternatives available:
When we talk about alternatives for drum mix plant, we have asphalt batch mix plants; counter-flow asphalt plants, mobile asphalt drum mix plants and mobile counter-flow asphalt mixers.

Diverse sorts of asphalt plants are accessible taking into account Asphalt-like Portable Mobile Drum Mix Plant, Mobile Aspahlt Mixing Plant, Portable Mobile Mixing Plant, Drum Mix Plant, Batch Type Plant and so forth. These all are one of the greatest and most imperative construction equipment that are haphazardly utilized as a part of this advanced era.