The Many Advantages Of Buying A Cantilever Gantry Crane

In a world of stiff global competition, businesses are increasingly interested in making smart investments. It not just a matter of taking up the first solution that comes along to the problems you face. Every solution needs to make sense for the business and have the potential to yield the highest return on investment over the course of time.

This approach to investment still applies when it comes to buying equipment. For instance, businesses looking to in heavy lifting equipment want to ensure that they purchase the best technology in the heavy lifting equipment sphere (купить подъемное оборудование). Moreover, businesses want to ensure the lifting machine they invest last long and has little and cost-efficient maintenance requirements.

The Cantilever Gantry Crane is one of the heavy lifting equipment that businesses can opt for. This machine is renowned for yielding a wide variety of benefits especially for open environments such as shipyards, docks, yards, etc. Herein, we will explore the benefits businesses stand to gain from buying a cantilever gantry crane (купить консольный козловой кран).

1. They Can Lift Very Heavy Loads – The Cantilever gantry crane is designed to lift very heavy loads. Owning to its two cantilevers (консоли) on either side of the bridge, these machines can lift up to 200 tons safely. Obviously, the lifting capacity of every cantilever crane is determined by its design, the robustness of the materials used in its construction, and the hydraulics system imported into the machine.

2. A Robust Heavy Lifting Machine – The main design feature of the cantilever gantry crane is having two cantilevers on the bridge. These cantilevers obviously increase the lifting capacity of the machine. However, they do more than just increase the lifting capacity of the machine. The cantilevers protect the legs of the structure. This increases the robustness of the machine, improving its durability considerably.

3. They Are Fast – When compared to other heavy-lift machines, cantilever gantry cranes (кран козловой консольный) are extremely fast. They can are known to lift heavy loads from 3.5 meters per minute to 12.5 meters per minute without compromising the safety of the equipment and workspace. This is a lifting speed that very other types of cranes will safely attain.

4. They Are Compact – Cantilever gantry cranes tend to be compact in comparison to other heavy lifters. The cranes do not take up a lot of space nor do they need a side exclusion zone for their safe operation. As such, they can be installed in tight spaces.

Aside from being very space-efficient, they also require far less site preparation and materials to operate efficiently. Consequently, cantilever gantry cranes are very cost-efficient to install.

5. Cantilever Gantry Cranes Are Easy To Control – The heavy lifter are very easy to precisely control. Moreover, they are easy to load and unload. As such, operators have a much easier time when it comes to loading, unloading and positioning loads.

Cantilever gantry cranes have numerous benefits for users. Businesses looking for a heavy lifter that is not only cost-effective but also space-efficient, safe, fast, and robust should shortlist this type of crane for further consideration at the very least. Alternatively, they should simply go ahead and buy one.