How To Keep Your 20 Ton Overhead Crane Long Working Life?

A 20 ton overhead crane is an awesome investment that can help you improve the productivity and the efficiency of your work processes. However, you need to keep in mind that your investment is actually as good as the amount of maintenance and protection you are willing to offer it. Here are a few tips to help you keep a 20 ton overhead crane long working life, without major repair works.

common 20 ton bridge crane
common 20 ton bridge crane for sale

The first thing to do is to observe the recommended maintenance schedule and to stick to it by all means. Manufacturers of heavy lifting machines and equipment used to make sure recommendations to their clients. Furthermore, the best ones are also ready to offer their expert maintenance services, so that you don’t need to worry about hiring people who aren’t familiar with the equipment. Some may even require you to use their teams if you don’t want to void your warranty. As that’s something you might want to do anyway, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose a manufacturer only because of this.

Anyway, regular maintenance is the best way to secure the smooth functioning of all mechanisms and elements of your equipment. Always make sure that the railway is clean and free from any debris. Also, check the elements that need oiling, to ensure that they are properly lubricated at any given time. Teach your operators to take good care of the machine, to clean it, and to inspect it before and after every job or work shift. Such inspections shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but they can save lives and extend the useful life of your machine.

double girder 20 ton bridge crane with hook for sale
double girder 20 ton bridge crane with hook

The other best thing you can do to extend the useful life of your 20 ton overhead crane is to perform frequent inspections of all its main components. The parts that move are extremely important. The wheels, the rails, the pulleys, and other such parts are subject to a lot of wear and tear. This is why you need to inspect them often and to fix all the problems you find. By addressing these issues in their early stages, you avoid having to deal with bigger problems later on.

If you want your overhead crane to serve you for a very long time, you have to ensure that your workers use it only as intended, without exceeding the maximum load, and without pushing its capabilities to the limit. Extreme or clumsy handling of the equipment may result in major damage that may be difficult to repair. Such things may shorten the life of your overhead crane, so you should make sure that you always provide your teams of operators the best training possible. Also, watch them closely, in order to see if they do everything by the book.

These are a few tips to help you make the most out of your investment in heavy lifting equipment. A 20 ton overhead crane should be able to serve you for a big number of years. Take proper care of it and it will do so.

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Why so Many People Favor Concrete Mixer Pumps For Sale

Concrete mixer pump for sale has become a hot commodity in the construction industry. As modern construction continues to develop, more and more construction companies are realizing the importance of investing in a concrete mixer with pump. The demand for this type of concrete pump has increased due to its integrative feature which is a perfect combination of concrete mixer and a high-efficiency concrete pump.

Construction project owners favor this machine since it significantly helps to cut down artificial costs while improving the speed and efficiency of construction projects. Compared to the larger and medium-sized types of concrete pumps, the concrete mixer pumps are characterized by low power, smaller land space occupation, and cheaper cost. They are also easier to move and transport since they are usually fitted with wheels on one axle at the bottom. Due to their compact size, they are also easier and more convenient to operate and maintain.

Despite the lower power capacity and smaller size, the concrete mixer pump is very adequate for small-scale and medium-sized projects. The capacity of concrete mixer pumps ranges from 20m3/h-40m3/h which is reliable for construction projects such as bridges, tunnels, countryside housing buildings and also new rural and urban construction.

A concrete mixer pump has a vertical delivering distance of between 80 meters and 150 meters and a horizontal delivering distance of between 150 meters and 600 meters. However, it is worth keeping in mind that this equipment is still very powerful, especially the diesel-powered version, and can be able to deliver concrete for further distances than the ones stated.

Concrete mixer pumps are mainly classified according to the type of engines that are used to drive them. There are two types of engines when it comes to construction equipment; diesel-powered engines and the electric motor engines. Hence, in the market, you’ll either find a concrete mixer with pump for sale that is either diesel-powered or electric. In the section below, we are going to learn about the two types of concrete mixer pumps and their features.

concrete mixer with pump

Diesel Engine Concrete Mixer Pumps

This type of concrete mixer pumps operates by burning fuel which means that it continues functioning normally even when there is insufficient or no electricity. This machine is preferred since it can be taken to virtually anywhere and still maintain a stable and high level of performance and reliability.
The following are some of the features of Diesel Engine Concrete Mixer Pumps
– The implementation of a hydraulic system usually increases the efficiency of diesel concrete mixer with pump by 90%. It significantly increases the speed of conveying concrete and reduces the chances of congestion.

– The modern types are more fuel efficient thanks to in-built intelligent systems.

– Internal and external components are made of high-quality materials which ensure the longevity of the machine. For example, the S valve is made of hard anti-wear alloy.


Electric Engine Mixer Pumps

This type of concrete mixer pump is powered by electric motors.
– It makes use of advanced electronic components in order to improve the control system.

– The electric engine mixer pumps often make use of hardened manganese steel in order to extend the service life.

– This version can be able to achieve full automation which helps to make operations safer and more convenient.

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The Many Advantages Of Buying A Cantilever Gantry Crane

In a world of stiff global competition, businesses are increasingly interested in making smart investments. It not just a matter of taking up the first solution that comes along to the problems you face. Every solution needs to make sense for the business and have the potential to yield the highest return on investment over the course of time.

This approach to investment still applies when it comes to buying equipment. For instance, businesses looking to in heavy lifting equipment want to ensure that they purchase the best technology in the heavy lifting equipment sphere (купить подъемное оборудование). Moreover, businesses want to ensure the lifting machine they invest last long and has little and cost-efficient maintenance requirements.

The Cantilever Gantry Crane is one of the heavy lifting equipment that businesses can opt for. This machine is renowned for yielding a wide variety of benefits especially for open environments such as shipyards, docks, yards, etc. Herein, we will explore the benefits businesses stand to gain from buying a cantilever gantry crane (купить консольный козловой кран).

1. They Can Lift Very Heavy Loads – The Cantilever gantry crane is designed to lift very heavy loads. Owning to its two cantilevers (консоли) on either side of the bridge, these machines can lift up to 200 tons safely. Obviously, the lifting capacity of every cantilever crane is determined by its design, the robustness of the materials used in its construction, and the hydraulics system imported into the machine.

2. A Robust Heavy Lifting Machine – The main design feature of the cantilever gantry crane is having two cantilevers on the bridge. These cantilevers obviously increase the lifting capacity of the machine. However, they do more than just increase the lifting capacity of the machine. The cantilevers protect the legs of the structure. This increases the robustness of the machine, improving its durability considerably.

3. They Are Fast – When compared to other heavy-lift machines, cantilever gantry cranes (кран козловой консольный) are extremely fast. They can are known to lift heavy loads from 3.5 meters per minute to 12.5 meters per minute without compromising the safety of the equipment and workspace. This is a lifting speed that very other types of cranes will safely attain.

4. They Are Compact – Cantilever gantry cranes tend to be compact in comparison to other heavy lifters. The cranes do not take up a lot of space nor do they need a side exclusion zone for their safe operation. As such, they can be installed in tight spaces.

Aside from being very space-efficient, they also require far less site preparation and materials to operate efficiently. Consequently, cantilever gantry cranes are very cost-efficient to install.

5. Cantilever Gantry Cranes Are Easy To Control – The heavy lifter are very easy to precisely control. Moreover, they are easy to load and unload. As such, operators have a much easier time when it comes to loading, unloading and positioning loads.

Cantilever gantry cranes have numerous benefits for users. Businesses looking for a heavy lifter that is not only cost-effective but also space-efficient, safe, fast, and robust should shortlist this type of crane for further consideration at the very least. Alternatively, they should simply go ahead and buy one.

4 Tips For Buying Explosion Proof Bridge Crane

Are you looking for an explosion-proof bridge crane? Are you sick and tired of wasting your precious time looking for the right crane? Are you sick and tired of all the fake promises online? Buying an explosion-proof bridge crane is hard, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Here are sold various bridge cranes, open and see, please (мостовые краны продам)!

Why do some people lose money when buying explosion proof bridge crane? They use untrustworthy manufacturers. They do not do proper research. They rely on price when making their final decision. And they ask from recommendations from untrustworthy people.

The following are the best tips for buying explosion proof bridge crane.

1, Proper Research

Do proper research, especially if you are buying this crane for the first time. There are so many online sellers, local suppliers, manufacturers, and companies selling explosion proof bridge cranes (взрывозащищенные мостовые краны для продажи). Their bridge cranes are different. Some sell low-quality explosion proof bridge cranes .

How do you pick the right seller? You read everything about these sellers. Read their online reviews, comments, and even their testimonials. Buy this crane from a reputable seller because the seller has a proven track record and sells the best bridge cranes. Do not buy from a seller you do not know or trust.

2, The Price

Some people rely on the prices of these explosion proof bridge cranes (взрывозащищенный мостовой кран цена) when making their decisions. So, they prefer buying cheap cranes because they think they will save a lot of money. They are wrong because they will lose a lot of money in the long run.

You get what you pay for. So, if you buy a cheap explosion proof bridge crane, it will not last for a long time. In fact, it is cheap because it is made of low-quality materials. And the companies selling them do not provide after sales services because they know it is expensive to maintain their bridge cranes.

3, The Manufacturer

Buy an explosion-proof bridge crane from a reputable manufacturer (производитель мостового крана). People, who lose their money, do not select the right manufacturer. They pick the first bridge crane manufacturer they come across. In fact, some of these people fall for sales strategies of these manufacturers.

Do not rely on the sales pages of these manufacturers when making your final decision. If possible, look for real customers of these manufacturers. They have used their bridge cranes, so they have a good experience with these cranes. They will help you pick the right manufacturer.

4, Ask for Recommendations

Last, but not least, do not be afraid to ask for recommendations. It is hard to do all the research ourselves. We are not perfect, so we may make mistakes that can cost us a lot of money. You do not have to make these mistakes because there are people who are willing to help you find a good explosion-proof bridge crane.

Talk to people and companies who have bought this bridge crane. They will share their experience with their bridge crane. And they will tell you where they bought it. Trust their recommendations because they have more experience than you.

Buying an explosion-proof bridge crane is hard. If you are having this problem, follow the tips mentioned above. The most important thing is to buy this crane from a reputable seller.

The Many Advantages Of Buying Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

If you want to purchase a rubber tired gantry crane (купить резиновый козловой кран), there are many advantages to doing so. It can be less expensive than a standard steel gantry crane, but it does serve a very specific purpose. Although these are also made of steel, the rubber tires allow them to be mobile. You will see these enormous gantry cranes that facilities where having extreme height is applicable. For example, they will be positioned in stock yards where they are stacking enormous amounts of containers, sometimes five or six high. If you have a shipyard where you need to have one of these, there are always going to be a few of them for sale that you can order and have sent to your location.

How Large Are These?

These can be extremely large, capable of handling around 60 tons or more. They will have a span length of 28 m, lifting speed of 30 m/m, and they will have either diesel or electric power. The lifting power is hydraulics, and it will lift using cable reels. There are other things to consider which will include the traverse, Crane speed (скорость кранов), and the main dimensions.

Where Will These Be Applicable?

These are most applicable in situations where you will be moving containers. You will probably have trucks that you are also loading, as well as trains, and this is the only way that you will have enough distance to grab the containers and load them. As mentioned before, there are literally thousands of these containers that are stacked outdoors at these facilities, and these enormous rubber tired gantry crane (резиновый козловой кран) are able to do the job. Some of them are accessible from local businesses, but most of them will come from the Orient. They are known as the top producers of these products in the world.

The Best Way To Choose The Right One

There are only three things that you are concerned about when you make this type of a purchase. First of all, it needs to be tall enough. Second, needs to have the lifting capacity so that you will never worry about the weight of the containers that you are moving. Finally, it needs to be available at a very affordable price. You can often find these for sale on international sites for far less than you can get them domestically. You just have to choose the best company, a business known for producing these enormous rubber tired gantry cranes. Here various gantry cranes are on sale, open and look, please! (

If you would like to invest in one of these, you should be able to find one for a very minimal cost. It will allow you to get started toward expanding your business. Perhaps you already have one, and it’s just not functioning as you wanted to. That will prompt you to locate a new one that you can purchase for less. By evaluating companies that sell them around the world, you will find one that is right in your budget. Try to purchase ones that are on sale. These will likely be listed with other gantry cranes including those that are rail mounted which may perform similarly. You will eventually locate a company that has a top rated rubber tired gantry crane that you can purchase.

How To Choose A Manufacturer As Your Free Standing Jib Cranes Supplier

An investment into a jib crane could be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your company. One of the top jib cranes are those that are freestanding. They will have a horizontal load supporting boom and a pivoting vertical column. They are called freestanding because they are mobile. When you compare these cranes with others that are similar, such as wall-mounted jib cranes, you have so much more versatility and many more options. Your ability to maneuver these two locations where you need them will really improve how quickly you can transition objects from one location to the next. This is how you can evaluate all of the ones that are currently selling and choose the best one with a good price.

How To Choose A Manufacturer As Your Free Standing Jib Cranes Supplier
How To Choose A Manufacturer As Your Free Standing Jib Cranes Supplier

Specifications To Consider With These Jib Cranes

Some of the specifications that you should consider will include the load lifting capacity, the lifting height of the unit, and and what type of working class it is. If you are consistently lifting loads that are 10 tons or less, then you will want to get a 10 ton freestanding jib crane (grua de 10t). Almost all of these are designed for indoor use. You will need a flat level solid surface upon which to use them. These can be used with handheld controllers, allowing you to lift, lower, and maneuver every object you are moving with the push of a button or the flick of a switch.

How Do You Assess And Ultimately Purchase One?

You can assess these very easily by choosing them based upon the manufacturer that has produce them. This means you will have to do background research (investigación de fondo) on every company that you find to see which ones have the most positive comments and the most complaints. Additionally, ask about availability. There are some companies that only make a few of them at a time and they may not have the next ones ready for several months. In addition to this, consider the type of hoist they are using, the power supply, and the length of the boom. These are all factors that will contribute to you making the right choice.

Will It Take Long To Purchase These?

It shouldn’t take very long to place your order, even if this is from a company based in another country. Everything will be done on the web. Even if you speak on the phone with the representative, your transaction will occur through their website, or you could simply send them a cashiers check for their particular type of currency. It is very important to ask when it can be shipped out subsequent to receiving the payment. You may have a schedule that you need to adhere to. After assessing all of these companies, and finally choosing one, you can repair your facility for this new freestanding jib crane (gruas fijas giratorias) that you will be constantly using.

How To Choose A Manufacturer As Your Free Standing Jib Cranes Supplier
How To Choose A Manufacturer As Your Free Standing Jib Cranes Supplier

If you have not found a jib crane that is to your liking, consider the freestanding versions instead. Although these are not mounted to your wall, or mounted to the floor, they still offer many options. In fact, they tend to be much more versatile than those that are designated for one particular area. If you have a machine shop, mechanics shop, or a warehouse, these are ideal for these types of businesses. Eventually, you will own one of the best in the industry by using the strategies to find the best company offering them today, like WEIHUA, the best company (mejor compañía-Weihua).

Pump Of Concrete Batch Plant

A concrete pump is a device used to convey concrete in liquid form using a pump to the construction site. A well-fabricated horse pipe or a conveyor belt is used to transport the concrete.

There are two types of concrete pumps.

  1. Boom truck
  2. Line pumps.

Boom truck.

A boom truck is a self-contained unit consisting of the truck frame, and the pump itself. These type of concrete pumps are commonly used for concrete landfilling in most of the construction sites ranging from medium-sized slabs and buildings to large investment projects. Their sizes vary depending on the concrete requirements on the site. Some can have a single axle while other big models can have more than eight axles( ocho ejes de bomba). Note the space of the construction site also determines the size of the Concrete Pumps you will need.

Most of the boom trucks have large in extensions thus making them stationary on the construction site. This makes it easy for the ready transport trucks to unload the concrete ingredients directly into the pump tank at a central location. This and enables a more efficient flow of concrete at the workplace thus saving time and cost.

Line pumps.

Line pumps are concrete pumps which are usually mounted on a truck or a trailer hence delivering their name truck-mounted pump and trailer-mounted pump respectively. They are very adaptable portable devices that are commonly used for pumping construction concrete. With the modern advancement of technology in the construction industry, Concrete Pumps can be customized to suit your specific needs.

The ball-valve-technology is widely used in the line pumps but other small types of valves can be used for structural concrete and spraying where small volumes are needed. These type of Concrete Pumps are also suitable when repairing submerged concrete, the filling of textile molds, the placement of concrete in highly reinforced profiles, and the mounting of fixing beams for wall placement. The cost of pumps with a ball valve is relatively low and their parts are subject to wear. Thanks to its simple design, the pump is easy to clean and maintain. The units are usually small and easy to use and the hoses are comfortable to use.

The Line pumps require the use of steel or concrete rubber, which must be manually connected to the machine outlet. These hoses are connected and carry the concrete required to the location where the filling is needed. They usually pump concrete in smaller quantities than boom pumps. They are more useful in a construction site that requires small amounts of concrete, such as diving pools.

The above two types of concrete pumps are the main types tough there are other uncommon types such as the rail mounted pumps. They are suitable for specific tasks such as amines and tunnels digging. They are customized to suit the particular work requirements unlike the multi-purpose concrete pumps mentioned above.

Benefits of Concrete Pumps

Simpler and faster concrete delivery to the construction site

Construction companies( Empresas constructoras ) can transfer the concrete to many locations simultaneously using multi-purpose concrete pumps. Concrete can be supplied in construction sites away from the concrete mixer such as across roads, indeed seawater or underground and this is due to the extended horse pipes installed in these machines. These pumps also enable the builders also to pump the concrete some meters away from the mixing truck thus saving their time and construction cost.

Reduction of heavyweight trucks.

Remember the continuous movements of heavy concrete trucks may weaken the walls and the floors due to the severe vibrations caused by such heavyweights. Using a concrete pump ensure site locations is free from these trucks which in turn interfere with the quality of the work done. Concrete can be transferred more efficiently and without any damage to any part of the construction site.

Continuous Supply Of Concrete.

The pump provides a continuous supply of concrete even to areas that are not very accessible like in underground thus ensuring that the work os not being terminated.T his, in turn, ensures faster work performance thus saving cost and time of completing the project.

Various sizes.

Various sizes of the truck-mounted pump are available and can be customized to perform your work specifications effectively such as having several boom options. When choosing Concrete Pumps always choose the from manufacturing companies which built the concrete pumps with the specifications ordered and using durable materials that provide long term and reliable use. This reduces construction costs.

Concrete production: